where is everyone??
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beth - December 11

helen, lynn, mari, carrie, debbie, okiejbg, anna...where are you guys? how is everyone doing?


really - December 11

I'd like to know the same thing this forum is d-e-a-d.


MuzikGurl - December 11

I agree I put out replies and I check through the day everyday and for some reason no one is talking!!!??? maybe they got preggo and don't need it...maybe they gave up and went to another forum...maybe they changed their minds about a baby.....maybe it's the holidays and they are out of town..or out of reach....maybe..just maybe....who knows...anyways....to whoever is still here...hello to you.


beth - December 11

hi muzikgurl-i'm glad someone's checking. i go for my preg test tomorrow. i'm 10dp3dt and i'm really nervous. where are you in your cycle?


To: Anyone - December 11

It is a busy time of year to be in front of their computer all day. It will probably pick up after Christmas


Holly - December 11

It is a really nice day outside here..so maybe it is much the same for everyone else? and can't forget like To Anyone said..it is a very busy time of year.. **dust**


MuzikGurl - December 12

beth, hello there! how are you doing?? I am shockingly on CD 51 I believe. I switched ob/gyn so, I'm having to go in for another sonogram tomorrow morning (with full bladder and everything...ugh..) to see if anything is going on with my cysts...my last dr. never monitored me or anything and I didn't feel comfortable about that so I switched. good luck with ur appt. I hope everything turns out awesome! baby dust to everyone else!


beth - December 12

hey muzikgurl-cd51...wow! do you think it could be 2 cycles? it sounds like you're making a good move, switching doctors. and maybe you should go for a transvaginal us. it's not the most fun, but its a better diagnostic tool because it gets closer to organs. you should ask the radiologist about it. when is your us? i'll let you know what happens tomorrow. fingers and toes crossed. baby dust!!


MuzikGurl - December 12

Hey beth, yea cd51 going on cd52....I'm going to the sonogram thingy tomorrow morning (monday) at 8:45am with full bladder and all...lol. I've had a transvaginal done before like twice I think or three time within the past 6 months so, I'm not worried about that...they mgiht do that even if I don't ask for it. but thanks for being concerned..and suggesting it. I'll check back on here when I get back and post so u can know how it went if I find out anything...I hope ur appt. goes fine too. take care!


MuzikGurl - December 12

OK, not sure when you will get back and check on here but, I'm gonna go ahead and let you know how my day went at the sonogram...first off they were super nice and sweet to me very respectful even gave me a locker to put my stuff in with my own key as well as they gave me a little stool to stand on in order to get up on the bed. when they did the top of me they didn't say hardly anythign he just stay in one spot for a long time and pushed really hard (which didn't help with a full bladder and everything). They when they did a transvaginal he said no cysts on my left! I was shocked cause other drs. I went to told me there was cysts on my left. but there is still a cyst on my right side (wish i could see). Then he printed pics and told me I was done to get dress and I can go home...that was it...so, I guess now all I do is sit and wait for January to come to see my dr. to see what he has to say about it..and of course until then comtinue to chart my temps like I was told. Well, just thought I'd share...take care!


beth - December 15

muzikgurl-i'm glad they did both ultrasounds. the trans. is definitely a better diagnostic tool. so did they say anything about the extra long cycle? what will you do in jan? will you try the natural method?


MuzikGurl - December 16

Beth, by natural method you mean the sex part? yes. and hoping it works. The radiologist didn't tell me anything about my periods being long...all he said was I don't have a cysts on my left ovary but I do on my right but he doesn't understand why I am having pain on my left side...he couldn't see anything that would cause me pain...and that's all he said he told me he'd fax them to my ob and I see my ob in Jan. again for follow up on that and for him to look over my temp. chart I've been doing. So, right now I'll I'm doing is trying to eat healthy...so hard this time of year...and at least walk for 30 min a day. How are things with you?



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