where is everybody from? getting to know u
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crystal74 - March 9

Hi girls,
good luck on baby makin. I am from Oregon. just wanted to see where everyone is from. have a great day and thanks again for all the good advice


soimpatient - March 9

Hi Crystal74...nice to meet you! I'm from Toronto


eb - March 9

Hi girls, I'm from mississippi.


Dee - March 9

hello...i'm from Las Vegas.


bump - March 10



aish - March 10

i am fron virginia


bj - March 10

I'm from Oklahoma


June - March 10

SOIMPATIENT !!! We are fellow Canadians! :)


bump - March 11



JENZEY - March 12

I'm from New Jersey


wannabeamom - March 12

I'm from Rhode Island. Babydust!!!


KDR - March 12

HI! I'm from South Carolina. :)


Melissa - March 12

I'm from Missouri


kare21162 - March 12

I'm from Washington


kelley32 - March 12

I`m from Montreal ... good luck to everyone!!!!


DD - March 12

Illinois-Close to chicago to be exact.. Hello everyone!!


Bimshire33 - March 12

Hi Everyone, I'm from London, UK



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