Where do you guys buy clomid? and how much?
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Mega - April 11

Good luck. I know it's frustrating to wait so long til your u/s, it's nice to know what's going on inside your body. :) I'm on CD 8 now. I have another appt. tomorrow as well so I'll find out then if both follies are continuing to grow, I think they are as from time to time I'm starting to get twinges on both sides. You & I are on the same CD schedule, right?


crystal74 - April 11

my doctor wants to put me on clomid or one of the fertility drugs, i see him friday after next. i ovulate, except for this month(first time not o), i think . anyway's does this mean there's a big possiblity of multiple pregnancys?? twins also run in my family. my dad is a twin and my mom had a set but fell down a flight of stairs and lost them, then my sister had twins.


AngieG - April 12

Hi, Mega. This is "Angie". I haven't register so I had to...Now I am AngieG. Anyway, yes, I am on CD9 today. I started having a lot of watery cervical mucus and I feel some movement around ovaries. So definitely O is coming closer. But I am concerned whether I am capable of producing any follicles on my left ovary because I had a laparoscopy done a few months ago and my RE opened up my left ovary and, then sew it. Even before that, I usually produce one mature follicle only on my right ovary. I am curious how Clomid is working on my left ovary. By the way, I am going to talk to my OB/GYN, who is not my RE, tomorrow. I kinda want a second opinion on our possibility of pregnancy by IUI. My dh has issues, too and we want to know whether he thinks that we are wasting time on IUI.


AngieG - April 12

Hi, crystal74. I heard that Clomid gives you only 10% of chance to have multiples. I think 10% is not a big chance, but I am sure some people think it is a big possibility. I also think it depends on how you react to Clomid. With Clomid, some women produce still only one follicles and others produce a lot more. In addition to that, there might be some implantation problems too.


Mega - April 12

Crystal, I pretty much echo what Angie said about Clomid & multiples. Your chance might be slightly higher than 10% with the family history, but not much higher. Plus its more how you react to Clomid, as Angie said. I have a family history of twins too (though most of the twin pregnancies in my fam ended sadly w/ the m/c of 1 twin), & I still only produced 1 follie each cycle. HTH. Angie, can I ask why your RE opened up your left ovary during your lap? Did you have a cyst or something? Are you being monitored by your RE via u/s each cycle? If so & each time only your right is Oing I guess you could have problems with your left ovary. My RE said though that it's not a month by month trade off though, you can O 2 or 3 times on one side, then O 1 on the other, etc. I'd wondered the same thing about my left ovary b/c it's the most polycystic one, but I do occassionally produce follies on that side now but not as often. Have a good OB appt. tomorrow. Tell me what he/she says about IUI & male issues. My DH & I have male issues too as well as my PCOS, so I'm curious as well. Have a great night ladies!


AngieG - April 13

Hello, Mega. First of all, thank you for sharing your information. Although I try to learn about infertility treatment and female body on the internet, I can learn a lot more from the real women who are in the same boat like you. Yes, I had 3 chocolate cysts on my left ovary. I will see if I am producing any follicles on my left one this Saturday. I have heard that as long as you have a skin on your ovary, you can produce a follicle. Anyway, I went to see my OB/GYN this afternoon. One of the biggest reasons I went to see him was that I don't feel comfortable with my RE. I have some questions on what he does, and he neither explains something enough for us to understand nor answer my questions well enough. Anyway, my OB/GYN told me that what we are doing now is worth trying. Like all other doctors say, it only takes ONE. This is what he says. But he also told me "indirectly " to ask my RE as many questions as I want and if we don't feel comfortable with our RE, go and get a second opinion. So if I dont' conceive this cycle, I am going to get our IUI cycle done a couple more times with my OB/GYN. This actually might help out my dh to provide better sperm too because our RE clinic is 1,5 hrs away from our home. My OB/GYN is only 3 minutes away. Mega, do you mind if I ask you what kind of male issues your dh has? my dh has a retrograde ejaculation, which causes low volume and low count. Most of his good semen come out with his urine. Yeah, it really makes me sad and hopeless. I cannot wait for Saturday!


Mega - April 13

Hi Angie. You're welcome. I'm glad I'm helping. You're right, I learn a lot more about this complicated stuff via chatting with everyone about their own experiences more than dry webmd type text. :) No, I don't mind at all if you ask about my DH's issues. He has very low morphology, but fortunately his count is usually pretty high, but still most spermies are misshapen. I still am putting faith in IUIs though. I'm sorry you don't trust your RE, that's too bad. Listen to your gut, if you don't trust what's he's doing you're probably right, you're probably picking up on something. Maybe there's another, closer RE practice you can switch to? Although since your OB does IUIs & is so much closer to you that's probably a good plan to stick with him a few more times.


AngieG - April 14

Yes, I feel much better now because I know hwat exactly we are going to do with our RE situation. It has been pretty stressful, you know. But anyway, tomorrow morning I am going in for a first u/s in this Clomid cycle. I will let you know the number and the size of my follicles. I really hope we both can overcome these male issues by IUI. Have a good holiday.


AngieG - April 15

Hi, Mega. I went in for an u/s this morning. I am devastated. I had only one mature follicle just as in other unmedicated cycle. And my IUI was cancelled because my follicle was bigger than how big it should be at this point. So according to my RE, this follicle is not healthy, normal egg. My RE also suggedted that I should use injectibles from next cycle instead Clomid because my body does not respond well to Clomid. But I am not sure. Aren't there any chance that I can produce multiple follicles with the increased dose of Clomid? This is my first IUI cycle with Clomid. I am wondering if I can try a couple more cycle with Clomid because injectibles are much more expensive. I am kinda confused. Just in case I decide to go on injectibles+IUI cycle, can you tell me the details of your cycle? such as the kind of injectibles you take, the dosage, how many days you get the injectibles, the total cost of medication, and how many u/s needs to be done before IUI. Thanks.


lizzie_bethie - November 5

I was going to go to Rite Aid for mine, but the lab tech at my dc's said that rite aid and walgreens are the more expensive places. i got my clomid and ovidrel at walmart and i only paid 30 for my shot and $9 for the five pills. I go in tomorrow morning for my follicle ultrasound, and i'm really hoping that we get pregnant (and can stay pregnant)


Emma5151 - February 2

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Clomid) - 24tabs.org
I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.



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