Where do you guys buy clomid? and how much?
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Angie - April 5

Hi, guys! This cycle we are going to have our first medicated IUI cycle. I am going to take 50mg clomid from CD3 -7. This time, my RE called in the nearby pharmacist (Walgreen) so I don't have to come up to the clinic. But I am wondering which pharmacist everyone else goes to get clomid and the price. Is on-line pharmacist better and more affordable? I am desparate for more information. Thanks. By the way, I would like to know how much you pay for a hCG shot, too.


Mega - April 5

Hi Angie. Walgreens is the pharmacy I've been using for Clomid & it's also where I've been getting the HCG trigger shot as well, Ovidrel. The Clomid is always in stock there, & I pay around $75 I think for 150 mgs. all out of pocket and around $68 for the Ovidrel trigger shot also out of pocket. For just 50 mgs of Clomid, at Walgreens I paid $25. I just saw the Ovidrel shot on a mailorder pharm. for $55 though, I can't remember which one though. You can get Clomid cheaper online too--do a google search on mailorder pharms. The ones I've found thus far are schrafts.com, IVPcare.com, and IVFmeds. I'm switching from Clomid & IUI to injectibles this cycle so I've been researching mail order pharms all morning, instead of working. Shhh, don't tell my boss. Ha! HTH! Good luck with the Clomid & IUI cycle.


Mega - April 5

Oh Angie, I forgot to mention, if you get the trigger shot from Walgreens be sure to fill your prescription a couple days before you need it b/c not all locations have that particular drug in stock. But they'll be glad to order it for you & I don't believe it costs any extra. At least that was my experience with Ovidrel, I was able to track it down & only had to go about 20 mins out of my way to find it, I was lucky. But now I always fill the Ovidrel well in advance.


Amanda - April 5

Hey Mega... what does the hcg trugger shot do ???? and what is injectibles??? what is the difference between injectibles vs clomid and iui??? i would really apperciate the information .. thanks again


Mega - April 5

Hi Amanda. The Hcg trigger shot is what actually forces a mature follie to rupture, it "triggers" ovulation. You typically O 36 hrs after the shot & it's often used in IUI & IVF to time the O. Injectibles are also ovulation inductors like Clomid, but are usually stronger & tend to create more follies. The s/e are usually less. But they're a lot more expensive than Clomid too. All this gets sooo confusing doesn't it, when you're first starting out. Most drs have you start on Clomid & then depending on how you respond they'll decide from there if injectibles are an option. Where are you right now in all this TTC craziness? HTH! Good luck, Amanda. Wishing you tons of dust.


Amanda - April 5

hey mega ... well i have tooken clomid & metformin before in aug and sept of last year.. the my mother passed away and i stoped completely.. now since things have calmed down alittle .. im ready to start again... there is nothing wrong with me or my husband .. Except... i dont ovulate.. i have had a hsg done and everything looked perfect.. sooooo... im going to the doctor next wensday and ill start clomid again in may.... in aug she started me out on 50mg days 5-9 and in sept she upped it to 100mg days 5-9 ... so that is my story lol... i have been trying for 5 years to have a child .. also with the hcg shots is it an actual shot that you give your self??? thanks again


Mega - April 5

Amanda--that's right, I've read your story before. Sorry about your mom, you've had a difficult several months. I'm glad you're ready to get back in the TTC game though. Wow, 5 years, that's a long time. Yes, the Hcg shot is a shot you can do at home. I have my DH give it to me whenever possible. We do it in my tummy, & it doesn't hurt (well it doesn't hurt when he does it). The Ovidrel that I use is a prefilled syringe so no mixing is needed. Good luck with the Clomid again, I wish you much success!


Angie - April 6

Thanks, Mega. This time, I bought clomid from Walgreens and I paid $25 just as you said. I will see how much I have to pay for a trigger shot this cycle. Good luck to your fertility drug shopping and IUI w/ injectibles.


Mega - April 7

Thanks Angie! What trigger shot did your dr prescribe for you? Do you know yet? Good luck this cycle. I'll check back & see how it goes. I had my 1st shot last night, it wasn't too bad. The drugs came in less than 24 hrs so that's good.


Angie - April 7

Hi, Mega. My RE has not wrote a prescription for a trigger shot yet. I am going to come in for u/s on CD12. After he checks how I am doing, he will prescribe for it. So do you feel any sideeffects of the shot or anything? Last night, I had a night sweat or hot flash from clomid, I think. I was feeling really hot. By the way which pharmacy did you end up getting your injectibles from? And how much was it? I have one more question....sorry I have too many questions. How many mature follicles are ideal with the clomid use? and injectible? About 3?


Mega - April 7

Hi Angie, yes, hotflashes on Clomid aren't uncommon at all. I've had a few when I was on it. Not fun! So far (knock wood) no side effects (s/e) on the Repronex. It's supposed to carry fewer s/e than Clomid though. We'll see, it's still early. My RE's office ordered my meds from a mailorder place called Apothecary Shops, and it was $994, I was hoping since I chose the Intermuscular form that it would be less but oh well. As for follie #, it tends to vary from 1 cycle to the other from what I've read, on both Clomid and injectibles. However I can tell you on Clomid I never had more than 1 follie mature, I have PCOS though which could be the reason for that. I'm hoping on injectilbles I have at least 2 or 3 mature follies, but really no more than that. Will your RE be doing u/s monitoring on you as well?


Angie - April 8

Mega, I really hope injectibles will work better for you. I ovulate on my own okay so I am hoping that clomid gives me 3 follicles. I am hoping my RE won't cancel my cycle due to too many follicles because he is against reduction abortion thing. I am against it too but my dh has an issue too so I don't know if I can conceive even if I have 10 follicles. I am on the third day of clomid today. I am going to have u/s on CD12, and that is it. I definitely have some hot flushes and headache, too. I am hoping it will go away when I finish taking clomid.


Mega - April 9

Thanks! Well, since you do O on your own I'd definitely think Clomid will just help give you a little extra boost, so it's very possible I'd say that you get those 3 follies you want. Let me know how your CD12 u/s goes. Feel better w/ all those not-fun Clomid s/e. I have my 1st u/s appt. tomorrow so I'll know tomorrow how I'm responding so far. Here's hoping I see a litter of follies tomorrow! My RE brought up selective reduction on Wed., & that's a rough thing. Couldn't imagine having to be in the position, hopefully niether of us will ever have to.


Angie - April 9

Hi, Mega. So it sounds like you have more than one u/s before ovulation. How many times do you have to come in for u/s? I have only one on CD12. By the way, yesterday, I realized that I was having a mood swing. I was upset one minute and next minute, I was crying for something really silly.


Mega - April 10

Angie, the mood swings are perfectly normal Clomid s/e, I've had those quite a bit myself. With all the hormones we put in our bodies during this TTC time, it's no wonder most of us are hormonal messes from time to time. Hang in there, the s/e will lessen soon. My next u/s is either Wed. or Thurs., my dr will call me this afternoon to let me know. I had 2 follies this morning, 1 at 11.5 mm & the other at 14 mm so I'm just hoping they both continue to grow.


Angie - April 10

Mega, it sounds like your follicles are growing very well. What day of your cycle is it today? I have just finished my last clomid today. I am very anxious to know what is going on inside me. I have to wait for Saterday though.


Mega - April 11

Good luck. I know it's frustrating to wait so long til your u/s, it's nice to know what's going on inside your body. :) I'm on CD 8 now. I have another appt. tomorrow as well so I'll find out then if both follies are continuing to grow, I think they are as from time to time I'm starting to get twinges on both sides. You & I are on the same CD schedule, right?



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