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Jenny - November 23

Hi. My dh and I usually do oral (me on him) before we bd while ttc. I heard that this isn't good and to get some pre-seed. Where can I buy pre-seed? Is it OTC or is it precribed? Thanks.


Mega - November 23

Your best bet is to order it online. Very few stores carry it. babyhopes.com carries it, that's where we ordered it. It's OTC, no prescribed.


H - November 23

Saliva kills or greatly slows down sperm


Jenny - November 23

Thank you. I wil do that today!!


Jenny - November 23

Mega: I just ordered one box on line at babyhopes.com. I was just wondering. It says 6 applications per box. How does that work? Thanks.


Mega - November 23

Hi Jenny. The Pre-seed comes in little plastic tubes. It's supposed to be 1 application per tube, but if you don't cross contiminate, you can probably get two applications per tube. Just be sure to use your fingers when you apply it. Good luck! I know a couple "Pre-Seed" babies. We're doing IUI's now, so we don't need the Pre-Seed per se, but I like how it feels. And I'm not a fan of lubes. :)


Jenny - November 23

Thanks. Maybe it means 6 tubes?? This sounds silly, but the pre-seed is for US or them? Thought it was for them....but by the way you are describing it, sounds like it is for US!! Never used it or heard anyone talk about it outside of this post, so curious.. Thanks.


klg - November 23

I bought my pre-seed from earlypregnancytests.com and you get 2 free pregnancy test strips with it and free shipping. It comes in 3 or 6 applications and is for the woman. They are little tubes that you insert inside and deposit on the inside. We would do that then use a little on him right before entry. You can apply it up to 15 min before intercourse I believe. I have used it for 2 months now and just got a bfp this morning! Good luck!


Jenny - November 23

Thank you klg. Were you trying long before you used pre-seed? Does pre-seed help in conceiving or is it used solely for the purpose of lubrication?


klg - November 23

We have only been really ttc for 2 months, however we have been married for 3 years w/out using any kind of protection. And by the way as for the oral - we did that as well as still have bfp. Anyway, the pre-seed is supposed to be somehow ph balanced or something to blend w/ the semen to help it swim better or something like that. If you go to the website, it tells about all that. I bought it because we HAVE to use a lube and because it helps the sperm move as my husband has "lazy" sperm. Good luck with it if you decide to try it!


Jenny - November 23

Thank you klg. I appreciate your time.


Lilly - November 23

I have also been looking in to pre seed. Can someone please explain what exactly it does? This is our 3rd month ttc & my first month charting. AF has always been very regular, but this month I have been very dry, little or no CM (I am currently on CD 14 of a 28 day cycle). However, when dh & I bd, I do not expereince any dryness during or afterward. With little or no CM, is pre seed something that will hopefully help us conceive more quickly? Thanks!!


Gosia - November 24

Hi, I ordered Pre-seed from http://www.early-pregnancy-tests.com/ a week ago and I received it today. I need it due to taking clomid which make me very dryer during ovulation.If you go to this website, it will give you lots of info. It was only $16.99 for 6 containers plus 2 pregnancy tests.I got my AF after first cycle on clomid, looking forward to try pre-seed this month. Best of luck!


Jenny - November 29

Hi Ladies! Well, my dh and I used pre-seed this morning for the first time. I'll let you know if anything happens! Baby Dust to all!!


Canada Chick - November 30

Does anyone know where I can buy it (I am in Calgary, Canada). I went to Amazon.com and I can order it but they say they can only deliver books and magazines to Canada......


Gosia - November 30

Canada Chick... Check my post above. I live in Ottawa, ordered through early.pregnancy-tests and received about 10 days later. I am looking forward to use it soon. I am on the second cycle of clomid and I hope pre-seed will do it's trick this month.


Angel - November 30

hey girls. I would say your best bet woul be on ebay, i get it cheaper than the online shops. If you cant find it on www.ebay.com try www.ebay.co.uk Good luck



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