where are my ttc over 40 girls??
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mmelo21 - October 11

Hello ladies,
Just wondering where everyone was at on their journey?
Any BFP's or words of wisdom?
I am currently waiting for AF to arrive to stary another IUI cycle.
Check in girls!!


isa - October 11

still TTC, doing ivf right now. Over suppressed by the lupron so its not going well. I stimmed so well when doing iui's but add in lupron for my ivf and its the worst cycle I've ever done -may get cancelled but right now we're still hoping it wont be.


Boo b do - October 12

Hi mmelo21, I live in the UK and for the last week or so have been searching for infertily forums locally, but have found nothing which compares to this website!! So I hope you don't mind me posting on this thread ;-) Here goes, I am 40, had a tubal reversal in Aug as myself and my dh have been together for 9 years and we are keen to have a child together now. I hope we have not waited too long!! I have been on Clomid for the last few month, nothing has happened yet, my consultant says I am not ovulating yet., but it's only been about 9 weeks since the op so early days yet. The last ovulation blood test was last month. I have another one booked tomorrow, so fingers crossed I will be ovulating. Good luck to you, I hope you get a BFP soon!!


COL - October 12

Hi Maria, I was wondering too, what happened to you, you never showed up. Glad to hear from you again, and I wish you luck with your next IUI.
ISA, I am following up on your status from the IVF thread, I keeping my fingers crossed for you, I hope this time you will get your BFP. Boo b do, welcome to our thread. And good luck. My update, and that will give you all hope, I got my BFP in September, it was my 42 birthday. I am so happy, and I am really looking forward to hear about your news. I am so scared though, in in my 7th week, and cant wait for the first trimester to end, so I can relax a little bet. Wish you all the best, TTYL


Boo b do - October 12

COL, congratualtions!! I will keep my fingers crossed that everything is well with you and your baby and the next few weeks fly by. Do you mind telling me if you took any meds and what advice you were given to enable you to get your BFP? Keep us informed with your progress......by the way Boo b doo is my DH nickname for me :-) My name is Bev. Take care


COL - October 12

Boo b do, thank you so much, as far as what I did, yes I do not mind giving you my experience, I was trying my best to stay away form the pharmaceutical approach, so I went to see a naturopath, I went through acupuncture, she gave me lots of vits, they regulated my period. That’s about it. One more thing though, my sister sent me something from over seas, I used it the same month I conceived, its some kind of powder, mixed with honey, I use to take one spoon first thing in the morning. Did I see any difference yes I did, but I can’t confirm. At the end of the day I believe its in God hands and well. the best advice I can give, is try not to stress about it, I know its easy to say now, it was not easy for me to do, the only think that distracted me from thinking about TTC is that we were busy choosing the colors of our new house, then we went for a vacation, and iwas sure that there is no way I can be pregnant, since according to my OPK, and The monitor, I missed my ovulation days. and we BD once in the whole month, 4 days before my OPK surge. That is my story, if I remember anything I will write it down. Good luck. TTYL


Boo b do - October 12

COL-Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It confirms what I have been thinking. I have been searching on the internet for a more natural approach and stumbled onto OVULEX, which apparently regulates a persons natural rythym and neutralizes toxin build up which apparently causes an imbalance making it very difficult to conceive. I have been taking this herbal remedy since the 2nd of October. I was discussing with my dh the negative effects of taking clomid, i.e. high risk of mc, not to mention this is not a natural source, but is chemical based. I have been on it for four cycles now, and have two more prescribed. I want to speak to my consultant regarding this during my next appointment to see what he thinks. I believe it would have a negative affect on the Ovulex should I continue in taking Clomid. Anyway, we are off to Cyprus on Sunday 15th for two weeks for a friends wedding, so hopefully destressing from the BFN's I have had over last two months will help. (My dh is shattered and probably needs the break too though!). I can't imagine how all the women who have gone months even years must have felt seeing BFN's all that time!! I feel a faliure after two months....I guess I felt time was just not on my side and do I really have 2-5 years at the age of 40 to see if I can fall pg? Your story has given me a lot of hope :-) Thank you so much


isa - October 13

Hey Col congrats esp on doing it the natural way. I cancelled my ivf cycle today and we will try again next cycle with a change up in meds. The #1 change is no lupron. I've been seeing a TCM accupuncturist and he has gotten my fsh down this cycle to 3.2 (a year ago I was in the 12 range and 6 months ago in the 8 range) and then I started to see him 3 weeks before my fsh test and I cant think of much else i changed so I think its helping. He's also working on my circulation, my sleep and stuff like that. If nothing else it is relaxing. He is an associate at my clinic.


COL - October 13

Hi ISA, I read your updates yesterday in the IVF thread; I have been following up since you started. I think you made the right decision, and as you said, every thing happen for a reason. You know? I always been healthy, I never had major issues, but with those meds, ii never responded the way I am suppose to, I remember the pergonal thing I think the name was, these med killed me when I was in my 20s, and I never produced good quality eggs, even clomid never worked with me at that time. Actually they have bad effects on me. By the way I can’t believe I took all those meds when I was young, although it was not me who is having the infertility problem. Well, its history now, I should not open that. I do believe in the natural and Naturopath approach, and at least they do not have any side effect; I am glad that your fertility clinic is opening minded about it, that is a good sign. Did you know that today I was supposed to go for my appointment for fertility treatment??? I really hope this will happen to you too. Boo b do, have fun in Cyprus, and as for the Ovulex, I did not hear very good feedback about it, make sure you do your home work before trying such thing. Good luck, TTYL


COL - October 13

open minded i meant :):):)


Boo b do - October 30

Hi there ISA & COL, back from Cyprus, it was great, really relaxing. It was so much warmer than the UK! Well I got my LMP, disappointment again. On a brighter side I recently found my last P4 level was at 42.5, my consultant said the previous month I was around 15.4. (The scale to ovulate I have been told should be between 20 -50 ). Last month I took the 100mg clomid prescribed and also took my first month of ovulex. ( I was not sure about which I should stop this month (re: my earlier concerns). My consultant said I needed to have at least a 35.0 level to be able to ovulate. I'm assuming at this stage that my dh and I did not BD at the right time? Does anyone know of any reason this still might not happen? I am producing eggs. Lastly I hve looked on a number of websites for ovulex, but have not found any negative comments, can you please tell me where they are and any information you have heard about it. It's herbal so I assumed it was not harmful? Good luck ISA. Have a good day to your both.


Prisoner_of_Hope - December 1




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