when you feel ovulation pain ....
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susie - August 5

For the first time in my life I think I am feeling ovulation pain on the right side. My surge was yesterday so i know its the right timing and I know my follicle is on the right side this month. It started about 7pm and about every 15 min or 30 minutest (its now 10:45pm) I feel this grab in my lower abdomin. Is this the right spot and if this is ovulation occuring is this the point the egg is released or what causes this pain and do we only have so many hours left to bd? How long would we have to still bd? Thank u


D. - August 5

Ovulation pain can happen before, during and even after ovulation. How is your CM doing? I would get busy and stay busy for the next few days. Just in case. Do you chart? That will tell you when you can stop. The sperm will live 48 hours (with good CM, it can live up to five days) but your egg will only live up 24 hours. So once you ovulate, you can pretty much stop (though I think that it's a good thing to make sure you cover the day of ovulation and the day after just for good measure. I'm a little superstitious).


susie - August 5

HI D. thanx, yeah i chart and i was very high cervix 2 days earlier, open OS, mucous was right there. I was just wondering about this pain cuz i'd never ever experienced the ovulation pain and wondered at what point of ovulation i was feeling it at. My temp was up yesterday, even today with yesterdays so we will keep bd'ing until i see a for sure increase in temp (i heard watch it for 3 days rise) so we'll have to see.


D. - August 5

****babydust**** Good Luck!


Deb - August 5

How can you tell your cervix is open? I have been charting for the last 2 months in the hopes to conceive my first..but never really know when my cervix is open during ov. Help.


CJ - August 5

Deb- Here is a website about checking your cervix. VERY detailed (with pictures)! http://www.sisterzeus.com/cervob.htm



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