when would you say it is late enough?
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christina - June 10

ok heres my situation, i am never late usually a day or so early, and i was due yesterday still no sign of my period but my boobs have been killing me for almost 2 weeks, now and then i am crampy but no sign of my period, i tested and it was negative, so i am wondering any opinions and when you would say it late enough and retest and maybe see the dr.? see i would never think i was pregnant after all these years so i am expecting it at any minute to be a massive period! thanks girls, baby dust to all.


christina - June 10

well today and tested and still neg. so where is my period then!


kc - June 10

You may have ovulated later than normal which could cause a delayed period. Or you could be pregnant but the hormones have not elevated enough to register on the stick. I would wait two more days and test again. If you do think you may be pg. Act like you are take your vit. no smoking, drinking ext. Good Luck.


christina - June 10

thanks for advice! i dont drink r smoke either way which is good, i lead a pretty healthy life style, i eat healthy and on weeknds i teach dance so its my exercise, i dont think its the month for me, i got the cramps and now i am bleeding so it needed to trick me and once again i guess i am not preg. take care! baby dust toall


Nancy - June 10

I having a regular cycle is very easy to determine if you're late or not, but if you are late for just a day or two, maybe wait for 1 week so get a more accurate test result, i always have breast pain a week before i have my period, that is every month....how about you is this the only month that your breast hurts?


kc - June 10

christina - I hope I didn't offend you. If I did i'm sorry. I like to add that since there are some very young girls that may not know the dangers such things can cause. I'm sorry the news is not good. I hate the waiting and being disapointed month after month. How long have you been trying? We have been for over a year. I mc in April and the doc told me to wait another year before I should worry. I told him I could't wait another year I'm 33!!! So he is giving us until the end of summer.
Good luck I hope you get a visit from the stork soon.


christina - June 11

hi kc, not at all no offense taken,lol, i was just sharing how i am i hope you didnt take it that i was mad.....i feel so bad, anyway i am use to this news so its time we stop trying and go through with our plans to adopt cause i cant handle this again next month, we are trying since we first married and it is years and years, of this let down, i normally dont get breast changes during my period so i thought differently this time, but anyway thanks girls! all my best.



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