when would be the best time to test?
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sarah - July 21

Hi, ladies, love the forum by the way great advice from all to each other. I' hoping someone can help, I stopped teking the pill june 19, had period 24th for 4 days, had intercourse, 6th and 11 july, i think i am due about now, done 2 tests (first response) negative, but my boobs hurt not much, cramping, swollen belly, cant even sip water without running to the loo, and today i.ve started to go lightheaded, i,ve got 1 more unopened test to do and i darnt do it, incase im wasting my time, does anyone else feel like this, or is it wishfull thinking? all replies would be much apreciated, as i'm getting obsessed, good luck to all.



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