When will your next period start with Clomid?
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Renee - March 14

I am one my first month of Clomid and am trying to hold off on taking a test. My doctor said that the Clomid should make my period start about 3 weeks after I take the last pill. (I had off cycles before). I was wondering if this was about when other people's periods started too with Clomid.


jamie - March 14

I have taken several cycles of clomid with no luck and my period has always started 3 weeks exactly after my last pill.


michelle - March 15

also first cycle of clomid, i'm due on a week today... will let you know...
its suppose to make yourcycle 28days, but i'm normally 23- 25 days x


sonia - March 15

I take Serophene which is similar to clomid and last month my af started exactly 3 weeks after my last pill so I would go with what your doctor told you as it seems pretty accurate. I also had a shorter cycle and this extended my cycle to 30 days. Hope this helps


Sachu - March 17

Hello Renee, I too am on clomid for the last four periods.I had irregular periods before, one good result of this clomid intake is my period is very regular, exactly on 31st day, though i am yet to see the expected result of clomid intake.God bless.


Andrea - April 28

will cloimd get me pregancy .
i have miss my period this month



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