when will i ovulate
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pcad - March 2

my last period was jan 25th it was normal .i o'd on the 8th. which my husband a i had sex on the 7th.i just started yesterday very dark almost brown .light cramps, ineed some help i don't know when i will ovulate. because i was 9 days late. we are trying hard to have or third child. help please !!!!


slowpoke01 - March 2

have you taken a pregnancy test? the reason that i ask is because you were 9 days late and some women have brown discharge at the time or around the time that a/f would arrive when they are pregnant. ok i got these calculations off of the babycenter.com ovulation calculator. if you have a 28 day cycle you should ovulate between March 12-17. 30 day cycle you should ovulate between March 14-19. and a 32 day cycle you should ovulate between march 16-21. you should start using an opk a few days before that just to make sure that you dont miss your surge because these days are just an estimate of when you will most likely ovulate and they aren't written in stone. good luck.



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