when will i get pregnant
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Rena - April 20

Hi i have been trying to get pregnant, and have used the ovulation calendar method.
But have not had any luck, pls can u advise why. I have never taken the pill so i thought it wud be easy but guess i was wrong.


jill - April 20

have faith and dont give up sweety


dawn - April 20

how long have you been trying to get preg.


Rena - April 21

Hi Dawn,
I have been trying for a month, so this is my second month now. I know it takes time but i am so eager


dawn - April 21

do yo have a regular cycle. Sometimes when you don't have a regular cycle you don't ovulate. That is what happened with me. But I would give it a couple months since you just started trying. I hope you are preg. soon.


to Rena - April 21

Keep trying, I know exactly how you feel, the first month after my wedding I didn't really think about it, but the next month I did, and I was so upset the I wasn't, I think I'm driving my husband insane this is month 3 now waiting to find out. Just keep trying it'll happen, best of luck to you


Rena - April 21

Hi Dawn,
I have regular 28 day cycles, you said that u didnt ovulate some months does that mean u are pregnant now.


dawn - April 21

No, I am not preg. right now. Hopefully soon. I have a 19 month old now. I just had a m/c 2 weeks ago. Our first took us over 2 1/2 years. I took some natural supplements from a nurtitionist and was preg. in 2 1/2 months. My second preg. we got preg the first month that we tried.


rena - April 21

Hi Dawn,

Sorry 2 hear that u had a m/c, did u take the supplements when trying for your 2nd.
Is it safe to take them, i really hpe that u concieve soon as it wud be nice for you 1st baby to have a brother or sister to play with. Its nice to chat 2 ppl who are going through the same things


Alissa - April 24

Hi Rena , my husband and I have been trying to get pregnante for moore than a year with out takeing pills or anything , I wish getting pregnante was as easy as it looks and sounds but its not . Maybe you should talk to your doktor and see if there is anything worng with you or your partner?I wis I could help out moore but thats all I have right now.


dawn - April 24

Rena- No, I did not take the herbal supplements the second time. We got preg the first month that we tried. I was so excited. I now ordered more of the herbal supplements and have been taking them for about a week. They are completely safe to take. There are no side effects. When you find out you are preg. you discontinue taking them. I have been telling anyone I can about them. All of my friends that couldn't get preg. and took the supplements all got preg. No one has taken them longer than three months. I would be glad to email you the info. My email address is [email protected]


Rena - April 24

Hi, Dawn,

r these pills safe to take, cus i dnt really like taking pills, but i guess if they work i aint got nothin to loose.


dawn - April 25

rena--the herbal supplements are in liquid form. I had to take 1 tbs of one in the am and 1 tbs of the other in the pm. They didn't taste the best but you can mix them with juice. I found that Welch's grape(purple) hid the taste the best. They are perfectly safe to take. You take them until you find out you are preg. and then stop. The longest anyone that I know has taken them was 3 months. We were all preg before we were taking the herbs 3 months. There is a phone number I can give you to call this nutritionist and you can ask him questions. That is what I did.


Rena - April 25

Hi Dawn,

Yes pls i wud like like to have his number. Thanks mate


Amy - April 29

Hello. I used to be on the depo shot. My last shot was nearly 8 months ago. My periods since then have been irregular and quite heavy. But now, I have noticed that when I bleed, it is light and with a brownish color. My husband and I have had unprotected sex a few times in the past few weeks. I have also been feeling sick to my stomach, but not actually GOT sick. I have also had more headaches, slightly sore breasts, feeling moody and sad for no reasons, and some kind of movement in my stomach. The movement feels kinda like a nerve jumping. I do not know though. I did take a pregnancy test this morning but it came up negative. should I try taking another test sometime later or what? please help me any way possible. Thank you and take care.


ashley - June 24

can u get pregnant from premature ejaculation?


Deb - June 24

Rena...the research I have done indicates that even under the most optimal conditions, there is only about a 20% chance of conceiving each month. Also, age plays a factor...if you are in your twenties, your chances would be higher than if you are in your thirties. Not all women ovulate in the middle of the cycle, and some have months where they don't ovulate at all. Your best chances are probably to have sex around three times a week, every week of your cycle and then more frequently if you think you are around your ovulation time. Also there are other ways to help you find out when you are ovulating. You can buy ovulation predictor kits at a drugstore or online (www.early-pregnancy-tests.com is great) or a saliva ovulation predictor (little microscope). Keep your head up...it will happen...give it time. I'm trying too and I understand that it gets frustrating but try to stay calm and stress free. Baby dust to you!



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