When u ovulate on Clomid?
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jazmin1124 - March 13

I'm a little confused about when you actually ovulate. I know i should be taking my temps, but i just can't keep up with that. Last cycle i had cramps exactly a week after my last pill. It lasted a few hours. Then i was looking for the ewcm and only very little the next day. But it was definetly stretchy. Does that sounds right?


Meighen N. - March 13

The cramping could mean ovualation? I know that when I ovualate I get a bit crampy for a day or two. I don't believe Clomid changes your ovulation time... if anything it just increases the eggs you produce...I could be wrong. But the stretchy cm sounds like fertile day to me.


jazmin1124 - March 13

thanks Meighen! so i'm getting close to my ovulation time. I should ovulate between thursday and friday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I guess i should start now. I saw a show on National Geographic called Womb. It was very interesting, it also said that sperm can take up to three days to reach the egg. So i got work to do...lol! . Thans again.


mother2Bsoon - March 13

Hi there! Since I don't ovulate regularly on my own, I am speaking to that experience. last month was my first cycle on clomid and I used opks and realized I received a suge on cd17. Therefore, this cycle I am going to bd today (cd15) with preseed and then again on cd17 and again on cd19. Hopefully by perserving my hubby swimmers by bding every other day it will result in a BFP! Good luck and many baby blessings to you!!!


jazmin1124 - March 13

I wish i can preserve my husband swimmers, but he just wont leave me alone. I wonder if that is affecting my chances of getting pregnant.


Meighen N. - March 13

Ha ha that is too funny! I heard its best to BD ever other day...gives them a chance to join their team. Ha! Good Luck. Oh yeah there is this really good website I use to help me...try it out.




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