When to test for ovulation....
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MuzikGurl - January 11

Hey, I was wondering....now that I actually started my period over....and right now I'm coming to the last little spotting days on it and I was wondeirng when exactly do you start to test for ovulation?? Is it the first day you noticed no bleeding at all....or can you start testing when your still spotting but, coming off of your period?? Just wondering...since it's coming down to testing for ovulation again...thanks and any tips are greatful as always! BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!!!!!


dea - January 11

Hey MUZIKGURL: depending on the length of your cycle. For instance: my cycle is ~30 days. So, I start testing at 10 days. I would say that if you have semi-regular periods, count back 14 days from the end of the cycle and then jump back another 2-3 just to cover you bases. I hope this makes sense!! Good Luck! Also- with an OPK- it usually has a chart on the inside to tell you when the best day to start testing is.



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