When to test???
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DCL - November 10

Hi LAdies,

I am very anxious to do an HPT. I am currently on about 10 or 11 DPO (TTC naturally this month so not sure which day I O'd). I am expecting my AF on 11/14 or 11/15 and would love to test on Sunday or Monday. Do you think it may be too soon?? I don't know whay but this cycle is the first 2WW maybe since I my clomid/IUI's failed and had some cysts and tried on my own this month. I had very good follicles and even a good one on the left which I don't usually have. I am hoping this is the month but somehow I don't have that instinct!! I just found out another friend of mine is PG so I have been having a rough week. I want a BFP in the worst way!!!! Please say a prayer for me :))


DCL - November 10

Sorry for the typos. Trying to get out of work! Have a great weekend all!!



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