when to test?
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Lulu - December 30

ok ladies. yall going to get sick of my silly questions but ive never been thru this before so please hang in there with me. ok. ive been on metformin and finished a round of femara...i am now 9dpo and its killing me not to take a hpt. when do yall think it would be soon enough to test?


bump - December 31



Sheena - January 2

I am pregnant and i tested 2 weeks after conception and recieved a negetive i left the test laying there and the next day i looked at it it was positive,I took a test 4 days before af and then took 6 more all positive.


Ann - January 3

Did you take the test yet Lulu? Look on www.twoweekwait.com and click "early pg symptoms" at the left. This site has a lot of details as to when people got their + tests and it is fun to read. It looks like the majority of women got a + by 12dpo.



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