When to take Robitussen?
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lyric - December 19

Hi Ladies, I have a questions about Robitussen. I am going on my 2nd round of clomid 50mg cd5-9. I am thinking about taking Robitussen to help with my cm since it seems to be NOT normal while on clomid. (I know this is normal) My question is when should I start taking it, how many times a day and how much? Anyone else do this? Any info would be appreciated. Baby dust to all!!!!


Mega - December 19

I've heard to start taking the Robitussen about 5 days before you O on up to the 1st day of O. I think I took like 1 teaspoon full 3 times a day. Be sure though that you only take plain Robitussen that is pure Guaifenesin. I haven't used Clomid for a long time, but I did use the Robitussen with the Clomid a couple of times before I started doing IUIs. It did seem to help with the EWCM. Good luck! I hope it helps. Carrots & grapefuit juice are also supposed to help thin out CM.


Mega - December 19

I just looked this up online (google search) & found the suggested dosing to be 2 teaspoons full 3 times a day, which really is what's suggested for coughs anyway. Also drink lots of water.


lyric - December 19

Mega- Thanks so much!


Mega - December 21

You're welcome! Good luck with this next cycle. I hope the Robitussin makes a BIG difference for you.



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