When to take baby aspirin and so on...
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shellster - August 11

Hi everyone,
I'm new to this. I'm 33 and TTC our first. I just started Clomid yesterday and have a couple questions that I didn't think to ask my Dr:
First, what days am I supposed to take the baby aspirin? I just heard of this on this board.
Next, (and this is embarrassing) the hubby and I need to use lubricant. I heard that it can kill sperm. Is this true, and if so, what product can I use?
If anyone can answer any of these questions, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!


andrea21 - August 11

you can use pre-seed it is sperm friendly you can order it on their site www.preseed.com, I have no idea when you are suppose to take the asprin


Mega - August 11

Hi Shellster, Andrea21 has you covered on the PreSeed, & I can help you with the baby aspirin. You take it after ovulation (which can be confirmed via BBT or OPKs), up til before AF is due to aid in implantation. You don't want to take it during AF though from what I've read. You might want to discuss this with your dr first though, some think it helps others don't though they typically say it can't hurt. However, it seems to be commonly prescribed in IVF regimines. I'm undergoing my 1st IVF this month & it's part of my protocol post egg retrival. Anyway, I hope the baby aspirin helps. Good luck with your 1st Clomid cycle, how exciting. I hope it works for you! HTH


shellster - August 11

thanks you guys! It seems like there is so much to remember! Andrea, I went to that webiste and it turns out there is one pharmacy in my city that sells the pre-seed.
Oh, Mega, one more question: How many do I take per day? I had a miscarriage a year ago, so I'm thinking it really couldn't hurt.



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