When to switch from IUI to IVF?
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woebketwin - March 22

My question is really two fold: How did you know when it was the right time to switch to IVF? My DH and I have done 2 IUI's with extremely low sperm counts. We are contemplating IVF, but it is such a huge financial risk.....
Secondly, how did you make the decision to buy 1 IVF versus 2 cycles, 3 cycles or the refund guarantee?


Apalonia - March 22

Hey, sounds like I am in the sme boat as you. We have done 2 IUI's with low counts and we are now moving to IVF. for me at this point it is about my sanity even though as you mentioned the financial risk is high. I am just so fed up with vitamins and supplements and doctors and I am hoping this will work becasue we won't try it more than once. I am afraid that if it doesn't work it may mean something is wrong with me. Then what??? I can;t answer your second question becasue they don't offer that at my clinic. Can you tell me if you are in Canada. I think I'd like to go to that clinic. I like the sounds of a refund guarantee.


Tink - March 22

We had done 4 clomid cycles then 4 IUIs, two of those with injectables. we knew if 4 didn't work, that it probably wasn't happening that way (we are unexplained). so we did IVF and i am 7 weeks now. just saw the heart beat today! our RE and lab didn't offer the shared risk- some clinics don't. so we only paid for one (about $8500 with drugs). my u/s and b/w were covered, but nothing else. Dh wouldn't have wanted to do the shared risk anyways- since you pay like $20k and get 3 treatments- but you still have to pay for the drugs, those aren't included and those cost up to $3k per cycle. he just would have preferred to pay as we go instead. but many folks do shared risk and it has great benefits, especially not worrying about the next cycle if you don't succeed the first time. also- if you havent done IUI with injectables, i would try at least 2 cycles with that before moving to IVF. good luck.


woebketwin - March 23

Thanks for your replys. Apalonia-I live in Seattle so you're not far from me. I have not done any injectables because I ovulate just fine every month and just the clomid seems to over stimulate them and causes cysts. My DH had testicular cancer in his early 20's so that is why his counts are so low. Plus, you could spend thousands of dollars on injectables that could have been spent on an IVF where the success rate is so much higher. I am doing an HSG next cycle to prepare for the IVF. The refund quarantee is such a risk because what happens if you get pregnant on your first try, like TInk (congrats by the way ;-) then you just paid $25,000 for one cycle. It is such a difficult decision to make. Thankfully my DH's parents have offered us the money for IVF so we do have some cushion, but I hate to use their money.


Blakey - March 23

Hi woebketwin,
I had done 4 cycles of IUI, 2 with clomid, and 2 injectable cycles, with unsuccessful results. My husband and I knew we needed to take the next step, and be more aggressive with treatment, and IVF/ICSI was our goal. I understand the financial struggle, we have paid for all of our treatments out of pocket! MYDH ins. is BCBS, ppo, and it does not cover fertility treatments. We knew we had to do it, for it was our only chance of conceiving. We had some savings, so we had our 1st IVF cycle 2006- which failed. Then my 2nd ccyle was cancelled, and I switched RE's and my protocl was changed, and we started a new cycle in Feb. On Feb. 26th, I had my HCG test, and tested positive!!! This is my first pregancy! I am 8 weeks today!
Also, my husband suffered from low motility, and low count, due to a vericocele. We needed to be aggressive because I am older, almost 41.
It really is a personal choice. I kneww with my husbands low count, we had to try ICSI- it was a good possibility for us, and it worked. I would say after doing several iui's (say 3, especially with low count )- I would recomend moving on to IVF. If your DH has a low count, IVF/ICSI may be the advised tretment for you both. I know IVF is very exspensive, but at least you will know you tried, and you won't ever question "what if"- Alot of fertility clinics offer loans, to help you financially, they will work with you, for they understand you don't need that added stress. As far as how many cycles to do, again, it is a personal choice. I remember thinking I didn't think I could go through all of that again, (after first round of IVF)- but then I knew I couldn't give up, and I needed to continue trying. Also, your odds go up the more cycles you do. My clinic recomended 3. It also depends on how you respond to the meds etc....alot of times, during a first cycle of IVF, your RE is learing what the best protocol is for you, and your body. They are seeing how you respond with what they have prescribed for your cycle, for everyones individual cycle (as far as protocol) can be different, because they are trying to see which meds work the best for you in developing lots of follicles. Sometimes, after one cycle, they knowwhat to do diffrently....and they will change your meds etc...
Anyway...All the best.....it worked for us!!! Please keep posted on how your doing!



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