When to start drinking Green Tea?
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Christina - December 6

DH & I have been ttc for 5 months. Unfortunately AF just showed up this morning. I have been reading that green tea can help when you are trying to conceive. Should I start drinking it today? Or wait until after AF? Or does it not matter, I should just drink a lot of it?! Thanks!


d - December 6

it's not green tea, it's black tea and you can drink one cup per day...just know that the more caffeine you drink the less chances you have to conceive. so if you drink coffee and soda, trade them both in for just 1 cup of black tea and it should help.


Cam - December 7

it's definitely green tea. Black tea is basically the same thing, but it has more caffine & not as much of some of the herbs...or something like that. I just researched in on the internet. Don't drink more than 1 cup a day.


Carolena - December 7

Black tea is not the same thing as green tea. They are taken from different leaves. Green tea is only partially fermented and black tea is completely fermented.


KellyN - December 7

I read that black tea and green tea are from the same plant (same leaves), but that the black tea is just more processed, and has more caffine. I have heard that green tea is the better choice because it is more natural.


Laura - December 7

I didn't think green tea was fermented at all, and that's why it is more healthy. Carolena, where did you read that green tea is fermented?



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