When to start charting/testing???
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jal239 - July 31

I am not sure when to start checking to see if I O'd. Reason being I came off of the pill at the end of May and have only had one AF from July 17 -20 (& that was with the help of Provera). Since I do not have a regulated cycle yet, I am not sure how do keep track of my ovulation days. I have been reading about charting my temp,cervical fluid but it says you should start the day you get your period. Also, the O sticks say to start based upopn you AF regular cycle. I have a fertlity monitor that I bought, but I can;t use it b/c that too you begin recording the 1st day of AF. I am just not sure even if I can start determining my O days b/c I am not regulated. Hopefully Aug will bring me a on time AF. Any suggestiosn would be greatly appreciated.



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