When to have sex???????
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kirsty - June 22

During ovulation how often should we be having sex? Once a day,morning & night, more often or just anytime?


Drew - June 22

That depends on dh's sprem count ect. If he has normal to high sperm count, then you can have sex every day during ovulation. If it's on the low side, every other day is good. This gives his body time to replenish. Also sperm can live around the cervix for up to 48 hours. Hope this helps!! :)
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Az - June 22

I heard sperm can live up to five days. If you don't want to wear each other out, every other day is probably good. Also, I heard sperm count is better in the morning...but I don't know about you...I don't have time to lie for a half-hour with my legs up in the morning!!!



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