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Kristen - October 12

We have been TTC now for 10 months and I'm started to get impatient. I was just wondering, should I go into my dr. now to see if there is a problem or anyway she can help us or should I wait until after 1 year? TIA for any info you can provide! :)


Toni - October 12

If you have been timing it correctly for that long, then I would go now. And how old are you? Some dr's will say 6 months of trying is enough and some will say it has to be a year.


Kristen - October 12

I am 25 years old...and I have 39 day cycles and have been temping for the past 7 months (most anovulatory). I have one son already and we got pregnant on the 2nd month of trying with him and I just can't believe its taken me this long to TTC#2.


Kristen - October 12

Also, I wanted to ask...anytime I use a OPK...no matter what day in my cycle...its always positive. Anyone know why this could be? So, those are pretty much useless to me. I have tried different brands too.


ble - October 12

Go now, my doc said any irregular period cycle is enough to look into whats going on. He can get you on meds to make you ovulate properly and check that there are no other issues. Sorry I have never heard of every day being positive, perhaps you give off to much of the lh hormone it tests for, another good reason to go see someone


to Kristen - October 13

If you have PCOS or an increase in your male hormone, it can act like an LH surge. With PCOS it actually elevates your LH so you will always get a positive on the OPK. The other alternative is that the OPK is detecting you are pregnant becuase LH and HCG are similar in structure. HCG has a littel somethig extra on it but the OPKs cannot tell the difference. A pregnancy test can. Hope that helps!



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