When to get clomid?
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Worried - June 24

How long after TTC does your doc give you clomid? I have been TTC for 6 months. Is that too soon?


Drew - June 24

Usually a doctor will consider you for infertility meds. or treatment after you have ttc for 1 year with no luck, although some docs are different. Talk to your doctor about it, it can't hurt! Lotsa luck!


Brandy - June 27

If your go to your doctor and tell him your problem he will usually get started right away. It doesn't have to be a year. I started on Clomid after 8 mos of trying. It doesn't hurt to even go talk to your doctor. Also, I have not had any luck with it and I have done it for 8 cycles. I would ask about Letrozole as well, it doesn't have as many side effects as Clomid because it doesn't stay in the body that long. For example Clomid can cause your endometrial lining to be thin thus the egg cannot attached properly to the uterine wall and it can cause your cervical mucous to be too thick and create a hostile envirnment for the sperm.
Good Luck on TTC



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