when to do the deed :)
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lillie - June 1

Hello. I have pcos and was given provera to induce my period. I am now on my fourth day of clomid. I am taking 50 mgs. I am taking clomid days 3-7 of my cycle. What days are best to have sex? and is it better to have it every other day? FOr those of you who have gotten prego from Clomid,.,what days of your cycle did you try? Just wondering! Thank yoU!


Drew - June 1

Hi lillie! I started Clomid this month...oh wait that was last month already!... anyway, on May 5, cd 3-7, 100mg. I was supposed to get af yesterday, but I'm still waiting, so my fingers are crossed. You should be having sex around your time of ovulation...a couple days before, during and after. As for any other time during your cycle, every other day is good cause it gives them time to freshen up. But dont "bank" them... like going more than every other day. They tend to get sluggish, loose motility and the quality is not as good. Welcome to the exciting world of ttc! A little confusing at first, but well worth it in the end. Good luck!



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