when should I try a pregnancy test?
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feelslikeforever - March 20

I was wondering how early I can test. Do I have to wait in till I'm late? please let me know..thanks


June - March 20

You can test a couple of day beofre your expected period but its always advised to wait until the day of your period. This is because on average Implant on 9 DPO and it takesdays for the pregnancy hormone HCG to be detectable. good luck


feelslikeforever - March 22

well I tested..early ..and BFN! but still no AF!! praying hard!


Lilu - March 24

Did you test again? Thats why I never like to test man... b/c i hate that disappointment. I'm gonna wait until 16 days past O and just watch my temp.


feelslikeforever - March 24

I tested this morning...BFN!! I'm going to wait as long as possible... my boobs are super sore and swollen! Ohh I hope so! Today is cd30 normally I'm 28 days..



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