When should I expect AF to arrive?
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just wondering - July 26

I am very regular 30 days ovulating on day cd 15 or 16. This month I Ov'ed on day 10. We hit days cd's 6, 9,10 and 11. There is a chance, probably slim since we have been ttc for 2 years. My question is should I test according to my normal 30 day cycle or can I test a week early since I ov'ed a week earlier this month? I'm positive I ov early all signs were there opt results, egg white cm and cp was optimal. Please any info would be great.


Heather - July 26

you should order some of those pregnancy test online that let you test 10 days after ovulation, the ones that have a 20 level of sensitivity - then you can go by the date you ovulated as opposed to when your af is due.


sas - July 26

I would say 14 days after ovulation if no AF then you can do a test. But what about your bbt temp. Are you monitoring this?


Just wondering - July 26

sas - I have been monitoring my cycle for two years. I stopped doing the bbt since I am so regular and all other methods pointed to the same day. CM, CP opt's. So my doc said once you know your cycle you really do not need to chart the bbt every cycle. A good 6 months is all you need. If you are regular which I usually am. I think I will test on 11 days past ovulation with an early test. Thanks again for your input and for answering so qickly. Lots of baby dust to you all.



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