When should I begin to worry?
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depressed and heart-broken - November 5

...my husband and I were pregnant last year, and after 4 months , I miscarried....my water broke. No explanations, and after December and numerous testing, such as blood, urine and a dye test to ensure of no blockage, we were cleared to start trying again. I quit my job and for 5 months, we tried....no luck, then I decided to go back to work, and here we are in November, and on the 2nd , I started my menses yet again! I am heartbroken, I have been testing for ovulation via clear blue easy sticks....I set up an other appt, but can not get in to see my OB/GYN until the end of Novemeber.....I just ordered Ovulex for my husband and I.....has anyone out there had any success and how long does this take? I am 30 and my husband is 25....why is this so heartbreaking? Need advice and hope....


Molly - November 5

Hi! so sorry to hear about all you have been through in the last year! I am 27 and have been trying for 13 months with no luck at all. I am on Clomid now, 3rd cycle, cd7. When af started a week ago, I was sooooo depressed. It has been really hard this month to "snap myself out of it". Usually I am sad about it for a 2 or so days, but I have been really down all week.It is hard but I guess like everyone says you just have to keep hoping for the next month and keep mending your heart quickly when it is broken! My friend feel pregnant after 2 years of trying and there are lots of girls out there who have taken quite a while. I guess we just have to keep believing it will happen. Good luck and keep your chin up, at least in here there are people who understand exactly how you feel and are here to support you... all the best


Brooke - November 6

Thank you Molly for your insight.....I appreciate your kind words. I wish you the very best as well....I will "keep my chin up" and keep trying! I have a doctor's appt at the end of the month, if anything else, to put my mind at ease.....


chicks - November 6

Hi there! I was reading your post and felt for you. I too am going through the same thing. Trying for 13 months, no periods, no ovulation, diagnosed with PCOS 10 months ago, multiple cysts inside my ovaries, messed up cycles and hormone levels, heartbreak after heartbreak.. That's why I found this board so great. Lots of wonderful women out there with the same problems, and they're great to talk to.. Even though I don't really have a lot of advice, I just felt compelled to write to you and tell you that I understand what you're going through and I wish you all the best.. Extreme amounts of baby dust to you and Holly! Good luck ladies!


Rachel - November 6

I used to post here awhile ago. I haven't been on since May. I think I just became so discouraged and losing hope. At the time I had been ttc for 15 months. I also had a friend that was ttc for 2 years that I could talk to. Well needlass to say she got pregnant in Aug. I was so sick of people getting pregnant around me and talking about how they only tried for a couple of months. I had heard of ovulex before and just a couple of months ago I ordered it. I started taking it at the end of sept. and I just found out that I am pregnant. After 20 months of trying I'm sure that taking ovulex was a key factor. I'm only five weeks but I wanted to post on this forum since I used to visit so often. I hope that this gives you some hope. God knows I needed it too! Good luck!


to depressed and heart-broken - November 6

I am sorry to hear of your loss. Keep your head up.


Brooke - November 6

Hi Rachel, thanks so much for the post....I can not tell you how extremely THRILLED I am to hear about the Ovulex....I just ordered it this past thurs., I am now anxiously awaiting it! I never realized just how many of us struggle like this month in and month out! I am with you, it is tough seeing all of my friends and coworkers getting pregnant and having babies....I want to be happy for them and I am, but it is tough to keep smiling and aawwing and ooowwing all the baby pics with my heartbreak and struggles~ Thanks again Molly for writing me back....it has helped to read these posts....it gives me hope....and CONGRATS again Rachel on your pregnancy!!! Please keep me up to date....any insight would be welcomed! :)


Brooke - November 6

...thank you Chicks, for the post....I appreciate your kind words! :)



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