When should I BD? Please help!
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ruby - July 27

Hi ladies. I finished my last Clomid pill last Saturday, so that puts me at Day 13 of my cycle. I still am getting neg. OPK's, but my Dr suggested my DH and I BD beginning on Day 13. Should we still do the deed even if I haven't gotten the +OPK? My DH and I want this month to be THE MONTH so I'd like to get any of your suggestions. Thank you & baby dust to all!!!!!!


annette - July 27

hi ruby, u would ovulate 4-10 days after the last clomid. not necessarily on day 14. thats y doc asked u to bd from cd13. you would be most fertile from 5 days before ovulation.so you can bd every alternate days from cd13, also you can use an opk to pinpoint your ovulation. you aould ovulate 12-36 hours after you see the lh surge, so just make sure that the swimmers get into their positions by the time the egg comes out. hope this helps


ruby - July 27

thanks annette. i have been using OPK's, but since I got a negative this morning, my DH and I were wondering if we should wait 'til tomorrow to BD. I think what I'll do is BD tonite, and if I get a -OPK tomorrow morning, we'll skip over tomorrow, and BD again on Friday. If I get a + tomorrow, we will of course BD tomorrow. It's just so confusing/frustrating to see so many different dr's opinions. Is it better to BD everyday or every other day?


b - July 27



annette - July 27

they say it is better to bd every alternate day starting around 5 days before the expected o date. its coz they want to give ample time for the swimmers to build up. the sperm can remain inside you for abt 3 days, so that might be another reason they say alternate days is fine. But if u feel that you should bd everyday, then go ahead, i haveny yet heard any negative comments abt that. good luck!


kc - July 28

ruby- If you dh does not have any problem there is nothing wrong with everyday. There will be enough concentration after a 24 hr period. However, if dh does have low count then everyother day is the best route to make sure he is up to full power. I hope this helps. Lots of luck and baby dust to all.


ruby - July 28

thank you both, ladies. we went ahead and bd'd last nite, but since i got a negative OPK yet again this morning, i think we're gonna wait 'til tomorrow for round 2. we're just really anxious for this to be our month and well, like we all know, timing is everything. is it odd that it's 5 days after my last clomid pill and i still haven't gotten a +OPK?



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