when is the best time...
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Desperate - May 26

when is the best time to have sex to get preg? before, during, or after? and if during, does it matter what time of the day?


desperate - May 26

sorry, i meant before, during, or after ovulation?


LH - May 26

Hi there....The best time is before and during...after is too late since your egg only lives 12-24 hours after it's released....You should have sex up to 3-4 days before you ovulate so there is live sperm in you waiting for the egg...and during ovulation for the sperm to reach the egg before it dies.....I haven't heard or read anything about the time of the day making any difference.....Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!.....


LH - May 26

Oh...one other thing....If you are testing with an ovulation kit or something like that......You should have sex up to a 3-4 days after you get a positive on the kit for ovulation....just in case you ovulate a couple of days later than the test shows.......So...I guess before, during and after would be the best answer for you!....laughing....Sounds crazy I know!....However, if you know when you ovulate, then before and during is what counts.....


nancy - May 26

i think LH is right, having sex before and during ovulation is the best time to have sex, and as to the time of the day, based on what i read having sex in the morning is better.



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