When is it time to get help?
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mande - January 21

my husband and I have been trying for 7 months with no luck. I take ouvulation test and check for all the signs but it's just not working! I am really upset. My three sisters all had babies last year and they don't have any problems. So whats wrong with me? I had an abortion over 2 years ago, does that have something to do with it? I feel so sad! What should I do? Should I go talk to a doctor?


krob - January 21

I have never read anything about an abortion causes problems and I have been trying for nearly 7 months too. Have you been checking fertility signs ie. basal body temp, fertile mucus or doing ovulation predictor strips all those things can help get you to BD at the right time as for the doctor they say 1 years if you are under 35 to try to get pregnant although if you are having light periods heavy periods , irregular periods or anything else odd with your cycle then I do believe you have an excue to go to the doctor early



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