When I was a teen had an abortion, now can't get pregnant?
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mommywannabe - April 7

I did get pregnant once when I was very young, I couldn't have. Now I'm 23 and me and my boyfriend have been trying to get pregnant. I'm scared because now it seems that back than was my only chance. Could the abortion have harmed me and is the cause now for me not being able to concieve. Anybody who is or was in the same situatuion, let me know your experience, or if you know anything about this?


Becca - April 7

I'm sorry you had to go thru that then and now. I have never had an abortion...but have had friends who did...and they still were able to conceive. I had a D&C due to a miscarriage...which from what I understand is similar?? I am now 24 weeks....so I hope you two have success.


SashaP - April 7

I had a friend that had an ectopic that she had to have D&C for. She was only 16 at the time and they told b/c of it and how far along she was that she wouldn't be able to have any children. Well she has 3 healthy children now. So I think you still have a good chance. How long have you been ttc? It takes some healthy couples up to 2 years. Good luck and baby dust


Tracy - April 8

Unless you had a really crappy abortion, you should be fine. Trust me. I had one when I was 18, then got PG when I was 23.


irish10035 - April 9

terri you are so rude who made you god and gave you the right to judge


TC - April 9

I agree with Irish..... abortion is such a personal thing and judgement lies in the hands of my God. Terri, I don't tell you what to put in or on your body, so who are you to judge what I do with mine????


mommywannabe - April 10

Thank you Becca,SashaP,Tracy, Irish and TC. I really appreciate your respnse. I have been trying for about a year, so hopefully it will work for me like it did for some of you. Best wishes to all of you and your babies.


mommywannabe - April 10

As for terri. I asked for help not judgment. You don't know me and the situation I was in. Most of us are here b/c we can't concieve and we all wish for one thing, that is to have a baby. I'm hurt by what happend already, I don't need for somebody to try to make me feel worse.


mommywannabe - April 10

And Jaqi, just because you get married doesn't mean you'll concieve. I don't think your health will change and the amount of sex you have once you are officially married. I'm here to talk about how I can't concieve and other women's problems with the same issue. I'm not here to talk about relationships and marriage, there are plenty of other discussion boards for that.


TC - April 10




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