when does af "officially" start???
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sam - December 9

Okay if I started spotting very light brown on sunday then flow actually started on monday is my cd1 sunday or monday? Thanks for any help on this question!


Ash - December 9

day 1 will be the day of regular flow. this is what my Dr told. i usually spot a day or 2 b4 actual af. so i think monday will be ur cd1. i hope this is helpful. All The Best!


sam - December 9



missy - December 11

sam, thanks for asking this question because i was wondering the same thing. i am always on time and the same every time but last month was very strange. i had a light brown discharge for 5 days, then bled for abot 3-4 days then had more of a brown discharge for another 4 days after that. so all up i had some sort of a discharge for about 12 days. that was very confusing. so thankyou for your question sam. i heard somewhere that it starts on the first day of dischage??????? i dont know. if so, i dont know what to think in my case. were just bding all the time since i dont really know when im going to ovulate this month. BABY DUST!!


bump - December 16



dea - December 16

I've learned that the first official day is the first day of regular/all day flow. so- if you are charting and have the first day incorrect- then you're expected o day is going to shift as well. you will think you are about to o when you actually you aren't ready yet. since eggs only last 12-24 hours- that one day can make a difference. my advice/thoughts- BD crazy around the days leading up to o and a few days after. that way you are increasing your chances. or- spend some bucks and use a OPK so you will know exactly when your egg can meet the sperm! hope this helps.....DUST~~


Melissa - December 16

I would think that it started on Sunday.


Tracy - December 16

This is my first time posting, but I went to the fertility doc on wednesday and asked the same sort of question. I was spotting on Sunday, then had full flow on Monday and he said day one is Monday. I started my first round of Clomid today, day 5. Good luck to all of us!



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