When do you test with your OPK?
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Megan - December 16

I read somewhere on this forum that it's better to test twice a day to pinpoint your surge and others say to test in the morning. But if I can't bd until the evening doesn't it make sense for me to test around the late afternoon, early evening? Can you tell this is my first time using an OPK!


eb - December 16

I test in the afternoon. Only once a day. It is really up to you. Most people start testing around cd 10.


Mary - December 16

From what I've read and been told, it is good to do the opk in the afternoon and hold your pee and don't drink for 2-4 hours beforehand. The problem with testing in the morning is that if you do have a surge that day, it usually doesn't show in your morning urine so you could miss seeing that you had a surge. That's why they say 2 tests a day is ideal because if the afternoon test misses the surge that day, the night one would show it. Hope this helps!


Megan - December 16

Thanks guys! I don't know why the OPKs get me so confused.


Melissa - December 16

I've read over and over that morning testing is not as good as afternoon or evening testing.


from fertilityfriend.com - December 17

Follow the manufacturer's instructions about the time to take your OPK. First morning urine is usually not the best for OPKs since your LH surge usually begins in early morning when you are still sleeping and may not be apparent in your first morning urine. If you test in the early morning, you may miss your surge entirely since LH levels may already be reduced by the next morning. Late morning or early afternoon is usually best unless the instructions suggest otherwise.


Molly - December 18

Hi Megan, this month I tried with the Clear blue easy digital opk, and 2 days ago I got a positive. I only tested once a day, in the late afternoon because we can only bd in the evening as well. It says that after getting a positive you should bd in the next 48 hours, so I think if you tested once a day and got your surge and bd'ed in the following 24-48 hours you would be fine. I'm hoping so anyway! I also got some ewcm (which I never get) the day after I got my positive opk and I've read that the egg releases after you have ewcm . So I think you would be fine if you only tested in the afternoon. Good luck!



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