When do I Ovulate this month?
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Sarah - March 13

Hi, I got my periods on the 12th of this month although they were due on 3rd feb. my cyle is always regular so according to that I ovulate between day 15th to day 20th of this month. Now I am wondering due to my delayed periods, has the ovulation date also shifted forward or I need to try in the same days as before? Please help.


Sarah - March 13

Sorry I mentioned the wrong date above, they were dur on the 3rd March


Heather - March 14

Do you chart your temp?? If you start charting your temp you can see ovulation that way.


Rachel - March 14

hey sarah! there is a great web site called www.ConceptionStore.com They have something called a ovulation calander click on that and put in all of your info and it well tell you exactly when you ovulate. when you should have sex or shouldnt, when you would expect implantaion bleeding, and when you should get your next period. I found it very helpfull i hope you do as well. Good Luck to you


Valerie Aubry - April 7

when do i ovulate for this month


Valerie Aubry - April 7

I Had my period last month on 03-17-05
I didn't get it yet for this month so when im going to ovulate


keesh - April 30

my period is on the 1st of ea. month when do i ovulate


kelly - May 2

hello, u overlate around the 14 day of your last period.


Nat - May 2

When do i Ovulate


hayley - May 2

you overlate aroud the 14 day of your last period.for example i had my perid the 1st of april so i was fertile from the 14 day of april to the 18,i have a 30 day cycle.i hope this helps u.


nicole - May 12

when do i ovulate


nikki - May 12

can I get pregnant if my husband has not been circumsized


Michelle - August 24

when you only got one tube when do you ovulate


liz - August 31

when do i know i'm ovulating


melissa - September 10

I just ended my period when would I ovulate? Is there a way to tell if I am ovulating?


Ovulation calculation - September 14

Mark your first day of menstruation and the last day, when the menstruation ended. Then add full fifteen (15) days to the first day of your menstruation. For example, if a menstruation started on October
8th - the 15th day was on October 23rd. This is so-called presumed day of ovulation. Starting
from this ovulation day, add six (6) days before and six (6) days after this
ovulation day. You will get a 13-day ovulation term. In the above example the 13-day ovulation term was from October 17th to October


isela - September 23

the ovulation days shift



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