when do i know if it was 1srt day of period
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pcad - January 28

i started spooting light brownish jan 21st did not need to wear anything. on jan 25 i got cramps and started bleeding like a period , today i am hardly bleeding at all i iam trying to predict when my next fertile days are would you say my period started the 21st or the 25th?


Sara - January 28

Hi pcad. I would go with the 25th. I believe day 1 would be the day you see red blood. I get light brownish spotting before hand too.


pcad - January 28

thank you wish me lots of luck


mother2Bsoon - January 28

hi pcad - my doc always tells me the first sight of blood, whether it is spotting or a heavy flow.


thayward7 - January 28

It's interesting because my RE says the first day of FULL-FLOW, and NOT spotting. I guess it depends on the doctor? I always go with full flow to count day 1. Hope it all works out for you! Smiles and Babydust... T


emeliz - February 5

I heard 1st full day of steady bleeding, as opposed to random spotting. But just in case, you might want to go by the earliest day anyway.


angelkitty - February 5

My doc says 1st day of full bleeding


patrizia - February 6

my RE says a flow...not spotting...


janeadebs - February 6

i have experiece this before but my doctor told me that the first day of your heavy flow is your first day


slowpoke01 - February 7

the first day that you have full red flow is your 1st day. most docs dont count spotting as 1st day. good luck.


lovemy3 - February 9

very interewsting...always wondered that



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