When did you ovulate on clomid?
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soimpatient - June 1

I'm pretty sure this question has been asked before and I apologize in advance...How many days after you took your last clomid pill did you ovulate. I take my first on on Monday and I'm just trying to figure out when we should start BDing.


NatashaV - June 2

Hi, without the Clomid I was O-ing either CD 14 or CD15 (most of the time). On Clomid for 2 cycles I O-ed both times on CD15. So, if you've been O-ing on your own, expect it to be around the same. If not, I'd say it usually happens around 5-8 days after you take your last pill. I wasn't put on Clomid because I wasn't O-ing on my own, but because the doc doesn't know why we aren't pg (after 2 years) and figured we should try it. Good luck!


Tracy88 - June 2

Same here....I ovulated on CD15 or 16 usually. I started baby dancing around cd10 or 11.



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