When afterall?
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kakshata - January 9

Hi everyone, pl help me out. I am married for the past 5 yrs. 2 yrs back I aborted a pregnancy coz of some reasons. And last year I had an ectopic pregnancy, 8 months back. TTC since Aug no luck, DO I have some problems? Having sex almost evryday


wannabeamom - January 9

You should consult your doctor. If you don't have one yet, get one. They can do tests that will help you get the answers you seek. I started with my Ob/gyn and switched to a Reproductive Endocronolgist. That might be a good way for you to start. It also depends on age, health, weight, scarring etc. There is a lot that could be wrong. It doesn't hurt to seek medical advice. The good thing is you know you can get pregnant. GL!


kalindi - January 9

Don't give up on ttc. For some women it takes few months to year to get pregnant. I wouldn't have sex everyday coz it may lower the sperm count. I would do it every other day starting few days before ovulation. Also, if you got pregnant once then there are very good chance of getting pregnant again. Don't give up and keep trying. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you.



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