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Melissa - January 4

Hi, I was wondering how soon after conception can a woman tell if she is pregnant? I know missing a period is one of the big symptoms, of course, but I am wondering if the body displays pregnancy symptoms even before the missed period????


MuzikGurl - January 4

Hi Melissa, I personally haven't ever been pregnant but, what I have read and been told that the earliest symptoms are almost like PMS symptoms that's why it's confussing if you don't know if ur pregnant or if it's just PMS. Usually you get sore or tender breast esp. the nipple areas, lower abdominal cramping, sometimes gassy, maybe after about a month or 2 months of missed AF you get nausated, weird food cravings, very slippery CM more than usual, headaches-due to increase rise in hormone levels, if you have been charting your temps if your temps stayed high up for at least 18days or more after ovulation then that's really probable cause to be pregnant. Of course, there's always the HPTs you can buy and test every other day or once a week until either you get AF or a BFP but, after 2 nd month missed AF and no symptoms of pg. or AF....call your dr. and request tests to be run esp. a blood test to confirm either BFN or BNP....good luck and take care!



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