Whats wrong with me cant get pregnant?
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starsha - May 11

I am 20 years old with a 4 year old daughter,I had preaclamcia when I was 4months and on pregnant with her.I also had an emergency csection when I had her,but after I got an infection from my csection and had to be hospitalized for 2weeks in which they reopened my csection and I had it opened for about 6months in which I had to stuff it until it closed ,I cant Get pregnant?Could they have made me infertile?I am trying and trying for about 6 months to get pregnant whats wrong with me?I have an online ovulation calendar and we try 3days and 1day after ovulation day so thats 5 days in total and nothing we have been buying ovulation test pregnancy test and nothing PLEASE HELP


slowpoke01 - May 12

you should go to a doc and find out what is going on inside. sometimes with c-sections there may be alot of scar tissue causing infertility or sometimes the organs can fuse together after a c-section. you really should see a doc. good luck.


nashiee - August 8

hi i have been trying for a baby for over 1 year and 7 months have had blood test done and it all came back fine this is doing my head right in feeling sad and down all the time now just very good at hiding it don`t think that my man wants to do a sperm test he already has 3 kids for two other women and i have 1 from my ex i had a c section but that was 6 years ago just feel like i have something wrong with me need to no so so sad and down please can you help me



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