whats wrong with me
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ecbj_04 - November 25

My period came on 2 days early and stayed on for 4 days.then i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and 4 days later i started spotting. for 3 days i spotted then my period came back on for 3 more days! whats wrong with me that has never happened before? i am trying to have a baby!


babygirl - November 25

Go to the doctor!!


me - November 27

Unusual spotting can be implantation bleeding, so always take a pregnancy test first to make sure you are not pregnant. If you are not, here is some advice. If you have sex when you have your period or just after you get done with your period, the semen has prostaglandins in it, which can thin blood and make you keep bleeding, even though your period as technically ended. I had sex the day after my period ended and spotted for another 8 days. It elongated my cycle too. My advice is to wait until day 9 of your cycle and have sex every other day until a week before your period. If it keep happening every month, it could be a hormone imbalance, and a dr appt is needed. Good luck!



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