whats worse low sperm count or low motility?
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Lj - August 19

whats worse low sperm count or low motility?Which one would it be better to have low, can you get pregnant without help?Where can i find any results to compare dh's results?


Lena - August 20

This isn't really a question that can be answered directly. Both have a major impact on fertility, but with regards to which is worse really depends on other factors as well. For example, the morphology %, total ejaculate volume, insemination volume, and seminal pH all influence whether a low count or low motility were the worse of two evils. Instead of comparing, the important number to focus on is the number of live, progessively motile, morphologically correct sperm in a dosage.


Laura - August 24

Does anyone know of ways to imporve morphology-I have heard of taking vit C, zinc and folic acid for overall sperm count-does it also help with mincreasing number of morphologically correct sperm? So upsetting to find out both of us has fertility issues!


merlee - August 24

Laura, yes I have read that vit c, zinc, and folic acid help with the total health of sperm including count, motility, and morphology.


Laura - August 25

Thank you merlee-my poor husband so upset about it as he didn't expect to have problems aswell as me and knows I am gutted about the whole thing even though I am trying to be cool about his results!


to merlee - August 25

what levels should a man take of each of those vitamins? Did you find the info on the net or where did you find out about this?


leonia - August 25

vitamin C works best in 500 to 1000mg a day.i don't know about the zinc ,sorry.good luck all ttc...


merlee - August 25

I researched online a couple of months ago. I have my DH on 500 mg Vit C (though I read some studies w/ 500 mg 2X day, your body can't absorb more than 500 mg at a time), 40 mg Zinc, and a multi-vitamin with folic acid (it is a B vitamin), not sure how much, right now. He is also taking Saw Palmetto, it is an herb that is supposed to be excellent for men and women to enhance fertility.



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