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mags - April 8

I am just wondering if its common not to notice changes in cervical muc? I never seem to know when i am fertile and when i think i am a few days later i get slight dis. I wonder can anyone give me some tips on this?


c - April 8

you may not be ovulating, Have you seen your OBGYN about this?


Tess - April 8

I never had alot of noticeable changes in cm and got pregnant with all three of my children with a month or two of trying. I used OPKs every time. Good luck to you!


isa - April 9

is an underline between ovulation and fertility. I hope this link works. Go down 3/4 of the page and it gives you info on cm. Just google cervical mucous and you will find tons of info on it. The more you watch each month the more you get the hang of it. I never knew it before I started trying to conceive and now its really easy for me to know when I am fertile and when I am not. After my fertile my cm turns creamy. If you are creamy you are no longer fertile. You want cm like eggwhites, clear and very stretchy. Mine lasts quite a number of days before I am actually fertile so also use things like opk sticks, check height of cervix position, take basal body temps and it will all become 2nd nature in now time.



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