whats the problem?
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Jessica - April 5

I have been pregant twice-first time i was to young & my parents got to make the choice the second time i had a normal pregnacy but my son was born without the left ventrical of his heart & and passed away at 2 months. My new husband has 2 healthy kids by 2 different woman. We hae been trying for 1 year and nothing has happend I don't understand.


Kitten!! - April 5

The average woman takes around 8 months to conceive. It's very hard to conceive a baby. Especially when your trying. Thats why were all on here. After trying for one year and not getting pregnant doctors will finally check you out. Have you been to a doc yet?? This could just be normal for you right now, and just might no be your time yet!! Hang in there.


Heather - April 5

My dr put me on clomid right as soon as I told her we wanted to start trying. I don't get regular periods but that didn't seem to matter. She gave me the prescription right away. Have you been taking fertility drugs or charting your temp or anything like that? I'm so sorry to hear about your loosing your son. That is heart wrenching. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~ sending baby dust to you!



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