whats the earliest day after ovulation you can get a beta?
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hopeful - December 19

Just wondering with the holidays coming and hoping to find out before xmas if I am pg or not -what is the earliest I can go get my beta done to see if I am pregnant? for example is it so many days after ovulation or when is the earliest time I can go for the pg blood test and get an accurate reading? (its free for me so no cost involved and I dont have to spend money on at home pg tests)).


Mega - December 19

Hi Hopeful. I'd wait at least 14 days after Ov. before getting a beta. Theoretically you might be able to get a + result much sooner than that, but I'd still think the results are more reliable around when AF's expected. HTH! Good luck, I hope you get your BFP for the holidays.


Ann - December 19

Hi hopeful, my dr scheduled a blood test for me 14 days after iui (also 14 days after ovulation). However, she said I could possibly get a + result at 12 days. Hope this helps and good luck!!


Ann - December 19

Hi again. I just looked on the website www.twoweekwait.com and several people got a bfp on a hpt at 10dpo (I think the blood test can either detect sooner or is just more accurate). Now I will really be testing obsessed!



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