whats the chance if....
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Kimi - December 27

if me and my boyfriend have sex every day and he ejaculates in me every time do we make the chances of pregnancy a lot higher or is it better to just have sex when you think you are ovulating, we have been trying for about 6 months now


z - December 27

If you and your parther both don't have fertility problems, your chance of getting pg is about 20% each month. However, that depends on your age as well. I've heard that you have better chances of getting pg if you only have sex every other day, so the sperm can be replenished.


Kimi - December 28

thankyou for your input. anyone else???


bump - December 29



Jane - December 29

you can only get pregnant when you are fertile. pick up take charge of your fertility and learn your fertile signs. when you see good cm it is time to bd because they can live for days. if you don't have good cm sperm only live a few hours then die off. you only know when you ovulate by charting not by the old cycle day 14 rule. it is different for everyone.


mommy716 - December 29

hunny, I was sleeping with my fiancee for almost 3 years before I got pregnant!!! I always tell people not to try, trying is just a jinx!!!my friend was trying for like 4 years, when they stopped trying she got pregnant!!! I know its probably coincidence but!!!



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