Whats our chances????
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mg - March 17

My Dh and I have been TTC for a year, so far all my testing has been fine, except that I only have one ovary (surgery) but as far as we can tell it works fine. My DH has only 6% normal sperm, but his number is 113 million and great mobility and motiliy. But still 6% is not great (lowest normal is 14%) We are starting Clomid this month with hopes of making me hyperfertile. I am really not hopeful that it will work, what do you think?


dee - March 17

Maybe you should try IUI. Artificial semination and put him on zinc,vit c and e, co enzyme 10 etc


dee - March 17

sorry, I have PCO and my dh has sperm probs-morphology and motility. Clomid was a waste of time as it only works to make you ovulate. I was on it for 5 months now i am 2 days post IUI,


mg - March 17

well thats what I was thinking, but the MD said that we should at least give it a try, before IUI. My DH seems to want to try it as well. He was pretty upset when I said I didnt think it would work, he like what do we have to loose except 2 months? So needless to say I am on my 3 day of Clomid. We are only going to do 2-3 cycles before IUI.


bj - March 17

Anything is possible. Stay positive!


mg - March 18

I guess anything can happen. I think I am going to talk to DH, and during our third round of Clomid I want to start to look into Adoption. The whole process can be very long, so at least we can start the paperwork. We are only planning 3 rounds Clomid and 2-3 rounds IUI, after that we are going to adopt, so at the most we are looking at 5-6 months, we could be sitting on the adoption list for that long. And if we get pregnant we can put our application on hold, until next time.


Liz - March 18

I have one ovary also (surgery) and was told all was fine with DH and myself. # 1 See an excellent RE. #2 I just concieved IVF blastocyst transfer first time . I believe the scar tissue of the ovarian surgery had a lot to do with our infertility. My HSG was fine . Many Blessings



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