Whats Next After Clomid Fails?
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Journey for 1st baby at 21 - May 28

Do you have PCOS?
Do you have Insulin Resistance?
Did you use 50mg-150mg of clomid and still failed to conceive?
What fertility injectable drug did you use next and did you conceive between the 1st - 3rd try?
ME? - Just turned 21, my only goal is to have a child of my own after finding out I have PCOS,insulin resistance,partially blocked left tube and very curved cervix - at the age of 19& half(college would just have to wait though this cant - people keep telling me to go to school and I'll have a child later on - Yes thats the way I would of planned it go to school get a career get married and then have children IF I really had a choice, I know I can still go to college when I am 25-30, BUT I don't know how long my reproductive organs are good for , The people who think I should go to college first before ttc are people who have 2 or more kids of their own who never took more than 6 months to conceive and NEVER had to see a darn doctor to help them do something so Natural as getting pregnant so that they cant even begin to contemplate what it feels like).

After being with an ob/gyn for a year, on 8 FAILED cycles of clomid 3 in combo with IUI's, whom refused to put me on injectables. I am visiting an RE this week.



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