Whats After Clomid
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Me Want Babby - December 19

My wife and I are on getting ready for the fourth month of Clomid. I am just curious to know if we don't get pregnant on Clomid then what is the next step??



Tink - December 19

well my treatment was 4 months of clomid with my ob/gyn. Is the gyn monitoring your wife via u/s? If not, she should ask for it. clomid can make cysts form and you won't see them unless they are monitoring her throughout the cycle with vaginal u/s. she required a SA- semen analysis from my husband before putting me on it. Have you been tested? You should be if you haven't yet. She also required a dye test to check my tubes. After that, i saw an RE- reproductive endocrinologist. the ob/gyn can only take you so far. I saw the RE in july and started doing IUI's. that is intrauterine insemination- basically like 'turkey basting'. he had me take clomid (higher dose) and then also monitored me via ultrasound for follicle growth. once my follicles reached a certain size (19mm), we would do a trigger shot at home to induce ovulation. then come in 36 hours later and bring my husband's sperm sample (fresh) and they would directly insert his sperm through a catheder/tube into my cervix- therefore bypassing any hostile mucus and putting them right near the egg. all they have to do then is penetrate the egg and fertilize. I have done 3 IUI's now, no luck so far. I now have moved past clomid and am doing IUIs with follistim injections- i have to give myself shots at home and these increase follicle quality and growth. I still do a trigger shot and IUI etc. The injectables are just hte next step up from clomid/IUI. After doing 5 IUIs (2 with clomid, 3 wiht injectables), we will move on to IVF. I also had a laprascopy done for endometriosis due to irregular periods and painful PMS, they removed a lot of scar tissue that could have been affecting my fertility. i just had that done 2 months ago and hope i get my positive now! so basdically after clomid- you should make sure all testing is done, see an RE and then IUIs with clomid. after that, they typically do IUI with injectables, then IVF. it all depends on the individual, their health, fertility and the doc though.



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