What would you do if you get a negative pregnancy test
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Liz9759 - December 15

Hi my Dr has put me on Clomid I have had my 1st round and nurse has told me that I have ovulated. My las t period was on the 17 november I took clomid on dys 2-6. for the last 3 months my periods where coming around 27 days. On the morning of day 28 took pregnancy test and came back neg. now it is day 29 and still nothing. having period pain, no sore boobs or anything else. What do you think? could there still be a chance.? should I wait a couple of more days. I did ring the nurse and I told her she says to wait another 2 days if not I will have to go in and have a blood test.


slowpoke01 - December 15

LIZ-sometimes clomid can make your cycle a few days longer. the first cycle that i took it i was the same as you i have never been late and i have a 28 day cycle so day 28 came and went and day 29 came and went and i was so excited day 30 i tested negative and that afternoon i started. i would also say though to dont give up hope because as long as you dont get your period there is always a chance. it may be that you had a late implanter and when implantation takes place then it is usually like 4 or 5 days after that you will get a + on a hpt. i would wait a few more days. also if the blood test comes back meg and still no period wait a few more days and test again cause you never know. it is a good sign however that you havent started yet. good luck to you.



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